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Critical Things About Atrial Fibrillation You Ought To Understand
For those who know atrial fibrillation, you must have gathered that this is among the most alarming diseases of the hear. In addition, it also the top risk factor that results to stroke in a lot of individuals. Its abbreviations are AF or AFib. This write up entails some of the critical details of atrial fibrillation you should be conversant with.
For your info. 10 percent of individuals over 65 years have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Think of it, the total of those suffering this condition around the world is for sure high. Professionals in this line of research fear an increase of this population in future. The worrying bit of this condition is that no cure has been found so far. The question is, “how is this condition managed?” At the moment, surgery is recommended. That helps in taking off the nonperforming heart tissues. Hence, the possibility of stroke attacking are decreased. Reports show that scientists have not yet established the leading cause of atrial fibrillation. Therefore, patients can only get preventive support as curative solutions have so far not been discovered.
The perceived likelihood of upsurge in stroke risks makes atrial fibrillation deadly. Irregularity of heartbeats that cause atrial fibrillation can result in a pool of blood in the heart. Out rightly this will lead to clotting. Of course, you should be familiar with the risks that come with blood clotting. In case this clotted blood travels to the brain, chances are that the victim will suffer a stroke. According to statistics atrial fibrillation contributes to 15 – 20 percent of the strokes recorded so far.
A lot of credit should be given to those behind the idea of Apple watch innovation. Perhaps you are unsure why they deserve this tribute. With this watch one can spot atrial fibrillation hitting them. But, an apple watch will not make a diagnosis. Some of the Apple watches are designed to take an electrocardiogram and alert if there is an irregularity of the heartbeat. But one should not conclude they are suffering atrial fibrillation unless they get a confirmation from their doctor.
If you are patient suffering conditions that may escalate your chances of developing stroke, make sure you visit your physician to find out if you are at risk of suffering stroke. In case you demand to undergo through blood thinners, your physician wgive this recommendation. Where blood thinner intake is not possible the physician will suggest the patient undergo a procedure meant to obstruct the left atrial appendage. With that in mind, you should make it your responsibility to report to your physician immediately you spot some symptoms that may mean you have atrial fibrillation. You will be examined by the practitioner and based on the findings, the medial expert will give their counsel. In a scenario you test positive for atrial fibrillation professional guidance of how to manage the condition will be provided.

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